Swiss Mix and Mingle

Swiss Creative Mix and Mingle event organized by Corina Gamma & Sabrina Andres on the premises of international renowned gallery Karma International. Sabrina & Corina invited various established creatives from Switzerland living in Los Angeles to share their projects through performances, movie screenings, presentations and music, which also allowed the attendees to make new professional and personal connections.

As a representative of Karma International, Sabrina was trusted with curatorial freedom to showcase a selection of artworks by Swiss artists Sylvie Fleury, David Hominal, Fabian Marti, Meret Oppenheim, Xanti Schawinski, Vivian Suter, Elisabeth Wild and Urban Zellweger.  

Short movies by actresses and film-makers Andrea Isenschmid and Debby Gerber were screened in the garden of the gallery, accompanied with drinks and snacks, followed by presentations given by performance artist Claudia Bucher and the Gruner brothers architects, who spoke about their projects in LA and Switzerland.

Sabrina Andres Art Advisory

Los Angeles, CA
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