In Conversation with Pratik Koundinye

Artist Pratik Koundinye and I talk about his hometown Indore, a city of tasty street food, where people are happy with little, and a place of many glorious temples and festivals, whether he is a romantic, what impact Van Gogh, Monet and Modigliani had on his work, who in the family taught him drawing and painting, and the exciting group show in Delhi he will be participating in.

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Marcellina Akpojotor in The New York Times

Songs of Home (2021) by artist Marcellina Akpojotor, acquired by a valued client of mine, is featured in The New York Times.

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Sveva d'Antonio and Francesco Taurisano spoke to We Wealth magazine about their collection and recent acquisition 'Fire Moon' by Lily Wong

Lily Wong's 'Fire Moon' enters the Taurisano collection

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Sahara Longe amongst Elephant Magazine's Need-to-Know List

Elephant magazine has highlighted eight artists whose work stood out from the crowd at this year’s 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair at Somerset House in London.

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In Conversation with Aviv Benn

Artist Aviv Benn and I discuss her recent move to London, how a lock-down inflicted studio "residency" impacted her work, where the concepts of "I" end and "You" begin, the presence of symbols in her work, where she finds inspiration, and what projects she is working on at the moment.

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